Lars Nolden
Adolf Kolping Berufskolleg, Abitur
Sep, 2013Jun, 2016 | Kerpen, Germany
Unique program with a special focus on computer science and programming at a vocational college.
  • Build a POS system for the local fire station with a team of 8 in the object oriented programming course.
  • Courses in microcontroller programming & technology, database design and networking.
  • Math & computer science honours.
Extra Curricular
Head of student council, Adolf Kolping Berufskolleg
Sep, 2015Jun, 2016 | Kerpen, Germany
  • Assisted with the interview process of more than 5 teachers and represented the students in the hiring process.
  • Secured funding for the graduation party by coordinating on campus food sales.
Valedictorian, Adolf Kolping Berufskolleg
Sep, 2015Jun, 2016 | Kerpen, Germany
  • Gave a final graduation speech at the graduation ceremony in front of more than 300 people.
Theatre Club Member, Adolf Kolping Berufskolleg
December, 2015Jun, 2016 | Kerpen, Germany
  • Developed the graduation ceremony comedy sketch in a team effort with other students.
  • Learned and practiced acting basics within the community
Employment History
Stenon & SWD, Freelance Fullstack Developer
Sep, 2019Mar, 2020 | Potsdam, Germany
  • Introduced React Hooks and Styled Components to the team through video explainers and documentation.
  • Enabled dynamic code-splitting in Webpack with React.lazy, cutting time to first paint by more than 5 seconds.
  • Introduced unit-testing to the team through internal workshops.
  • Set-up the mono repository infrastructure to run integration tests as part of the CI pipeline
  • Created E2E tests for all implemented features in Cypress.
Bidmatik, Founder
Jan, 2019Oct, 2019 | Toronto, Canada
  • Mission: Help brands to grow ad revenue on Amazon.
  • Led customer development with 50+ user interviews.
  • Build MVP in React, Node and Python on Google App Engine.
  • Taught myself sales tactics and strategies, selling to American and European customers.
  • Hired and managed freelancers for copy writing and UI design.
Bear Ogilvy, Software Developer
Aug, 2018Feb, 2019 | Toronto, Canada
  • Led the development team building a DSL to transform product data on a large scale.
  • Build the backend infrastructure in Node.js with a heavy focus on functional programming.
  • Increased team output and organization by successfully introducing Scrum to the development team.
  • Improved system reliability by transferring the existing backend from AWS to a GCE Kubernetes solution.
  • Build multiple web interfaces in React.js and Redux.js with GraphQl data sources.
Robin Media, Frontend Developer
June, 2017Jul, 2018 | Toronto, Canada
  • Built and led the development of multiple features for our web platform using React, Redux, GraphQl, and Web-Sockets.
  • Created microservices in Node connected with our Postgres database via Knex.
  • Owned the integration, collection, and analysis of user behavior data.
  • Identified need of top of the funnel growth. And built a complimentary web app directing potential customers to our main app.
Awards & Certificates
CMAS, Open water diver
Oct, 2010 | Kerpen, Germany
Successfully attained the CMAS open water diving license with the age of 12. Since then I have been diving in European lakes and the Atlantic ocean.
Photography Contest, 1st. place
Aug, 2011 | Bergheim, Germany
One of my favourite outdoor shots of that summer placed first in a kids television photography contest.
Product Hunt App showcase, 148 Upvotes
Apr, 2018 | Toronto, Canada
Successfully built a concert ticket finder webapp and represented our team along the app on Product Hunt gaining more than 140 upvotes.
Sport and especially powerlifting are key for my personal well-being and happiness. I've grown on the knowledge and expertise required to create a good training-plan with appropriate recovery and the right nutritional intake.
Programming itself is fun, next to its existence as a tool to build solutions. My side projects range from reprogramming vacuum robots to web apps to train my typing speed.
My love for street photography comes from the spontaneity and challenge created by the very unpredictable environment a big city represents.
Radio Controlled
In the past I have built RC planes, cars and submarines. Recently I have been focusing more on designing and building planes and multicopters
Learning the theory of building a business and applying it is an interest that has stretched through my life over the last couple of years. My most successful businesses so far were a SaaS product and a cleaning product line on Amazon.
Date of Birth
02 Aug 1997
+1 647 701 6197